Gordon Leighton & Associates is a dynamic, unique and proudly South African international maritime recruitment agency in our 16th year of successful recruitment in the global maritime industry.

We network globally with agencies, concessionaires and companies and are passionately involved in securing overseas employment opportunities for South Africans and other African nationals in the cruise line, commercial and oil & gas industries worldwide.

The service we offer is the screening of potential employees and the forwarding of the applications with the best possible chances of success to the agencies and companies we have established professional relationships with.

Contact us today and discover what Gordon Leighton and Associates can do for you. An exciting world of vocational adventure and reward awaits you.


Gordon Leighton and Associates are an international agency with established business relationships in the maritime industry. We do not guarantee employment. The HR departments of the maritime companies concerned make the final selections of candidates at the final interview.


Message from Gordon

Greetings All

We would like to take this opportunity at the start of this year to look back on 2012, which was an extremely challenging year in our industry. Despite this, we continued to coordinate numerous final interviews and successfully placed crew on board various cruise liners.

The year started negatively with the impact of downward spiralling world economy and the EU bankruptcy drama. Thereafter things became just a little tougher as the London 2012 Olympics began. Finally, the orders we were waiting for came through and in June 2012 we hosted the medical / director of Carnival Cruise Lines at my office, resulting in some 36 doctors and nurses being selected for credentialing. We are currently boarding the medical crew on an ongoing basis.

Since then, we have also successfully placed retail managers, retail sales assistants, fitness instructors, many chefs from Commi-1 to Sous-chefs and are currently documenting these crew who are now leaving weekly to join the respective assigned vessels. What has pleased us tremendously is the fact that our clients abroad are still with us, and remain extremely satisfied with the South African crew we sent their way and are constantly seeking more and more in every department on board.

This brings us to the year ahead, which is looking promising with huge orders coming in. To start with, we are looking at front of house, galley, hotel and deck departments. To those of you who have already submitted applications, please be patient with the process. The huge order for the above departments are finally on their way which means that we will have a great start to 2013! The respective HR departments are joining us in early January for selection and process.

Essentially, despite the challenges of a changing global market, we still had a great year, taking the good with the bad, the ups and the downs of market requirements and we remain passionate about what we do in our 11th year of trading.

So, dear friend, stay positive. There is so much life-changing value for the successful applicant when joining a major international cruise line and your turn is coming! We take this opportunity to wish all our clients, partners, hiring partners, crew abroad and all those waiting, a prosperous 2013 as we set sail into the year ahead.

Keep safe and heads-up. We salute you.

Kind Regards

Always available Gordon

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